Making Scrap.so


So, a few days ago I posted this:

Tweet went incredibly viral and people asked for the app. So, I thought, why not release it.

Going to pause Coworkmaps for a few hours/days and make research about desktop apps.

Seems like Electron is the best. I tried to get tutorials using ChatGPT, but since the training stopped in 2021, it’s not working with the last version, so I just bought a course:


Finished the course, and got the basics of making desktop apps!

Spend some time answering people on the post to get more info about the possible use cases. It’s a very “abstract” app, in the sense that you can do lots of stuff with it. Possibilities are endless, so my job is to narrow it down as much as necessary into something people consider useful.

Made a temporary mockup:


Managed to get my first mac app! Very basic, but now I know I can do it.

Going to split Levi into 2 apps, one for data entry, and the other one for scrapping.


Spend yesterday making the landing page, I’m going to make pre-sales for the app:

Not gonna lie, pretty proud of the result. Glad I bought Refactoring UI course to learn how to make nice design.

Spent the whole day improving the page, and it’s live!


Holly shit, I made 57 sales in 10h!! Crazy. Now need to focus on contacting buyers, making a Discord community and starting making the app.


Made more than $3000 worth of pre-orders in 3 days, that’s just insane. I blocked y neck this morning so I have a very hard time focusing today, but I was able to make some tests. The core of the app is mainly done, now I just need to wait for my Apple developer account to be approved.


Damn, it’s been 3 weeks already… I got the Dev account approved, created a Discord server for beta testers, got nice feedback, added features, fixed bugs, and was finally able to launch the public beta!

Next steps: Fix the few bugs left, add some features, then raise the price and start ads!