May 1, 2023




New month new project! Been a while since I posted but it's always good to get some insights later.

One of my posts went a bit viral:

I noticed people asked where to find a nice place to work (both in the comment but also in general). But as far as I know, there is none that's really oriented toward "working". You can find some info on Google Maps but it doesn't really tell if it's comfortable, if internet is good, etc.

So, let's see if I can do something about it.

I have 2 options:

  • Display the list as "cards" where you can see the top X places in your city
  • Display a map where you can see coworking around you.

Option 1 is obviously easier to do, but I feel like option 2 would be better if people don't want to go too far from their place. I can also combine both I guess. But first I need to play around with data to see what's do-able.

Let's go!

Spent a few hours reading the doc, it's not THAT hard.

Made a little script that can scrap coworkings from Google Maps. I think the map thing should be do-able, the "tech limitations" are now verified.


Managed to get the data imported from the database directly to the map.

I made a list of 2 types of features: Community features and MVP features. MVP features will offer basic info, and will be the first version of the app I release.

Community features will be more for long term.

I need to focus on having the very basic: Search a city, and show the user a list of coworkings.


I mainly posted on Twitter inside this Thread. Final domain is

The 6th spot isn't what I'd call amazing, but I don't really care for this project, I mainly wanted the backlink for my little experiment. Still got a bunch of traffic & feedback, so definitely worth it.

Now focusing on making an autonomous bot that can send and receive emails to complete the database.

The goal is to fill the database with infos that aren't available anywhere else. Then, I'll try to make a "pro" version, where users can pay $20 for lifetime access to all the advanced data. Might work, might not. We'll see.