March 31, 2024

Building Sales Popup

Building Sales Popup

31/03/2024 (Sunday)


Going to have a little challenge this week. I will try to ship a micro app in the minimum amount of time possible, and I will document the process here. Goal is to show you can make an app in a week as a side project if you focus on the essentials. Since I dont have lot of time, I will use a UI kit to speed up the process.

I started by doing some research about the keyword and domain names. I usually do it last but I wanted the name directly to save time on placeholders. I'm going to do with

First goal: Making a technical MVP. I need to see if I can do what I want asap. In this case, I need to see if I can display a sales popup on a website from my Nuxt app.

So the goal of those first hour will be to setup the app, fetch Stripe transactions into a dummy popup and display it on an external website.


Enbedding a Nuxt/Vue component is way too complicated, so I'm going to just use standard HTML for the popup. It limits the features but it will be good enough for a MVP.


Got my "proof of concept" working. I managed to get the popup working. Now I need to:

  • Make a proper back-end for it
  • Find a way to integrate with Stripe to get the API keys
  • Cache the transactions to avoid hitting the API too much
  • Add multiple popup styles
  • Customize the popup content



  • Back-end to send the script
  • Stripe integration (using restricted API keys)
  • Basic popup content customization

Going to eat and get back to it later. 4h of work so far.


Didn't do much yesterday, was super tired. Will work on the app a bit this morning. I will try to make a dashboard for the app to generate the projects URls and customize the popups from a proper UI.


First goal is to make an app skeleton, then list all the features the app need, and organiuze that into the dashboard, with multiple pages if needed.


Skeleton done, I listed the core features, now making the actual app. There will be 2 main pages, the project list and the project details.

Project list page:

  • Create project
  • Delete project

Project page:

  • Change name
  • Change domain(s)
  • Change style
  • Position on screen
  • Dark / Light design
  • Wording
  • Get script


I finished the option to load the projects from the database, create new one and delete them. Will continue later. I like to work on my apps by "layers".


  • Layer 1 = Super basic prototype (Can I display a popup on another website from a script?)
  • Layer 2 = Load the popup info from a databse and not static
  • Layer 3 = Add a dashboard to manage the popups (but still no auth, I hard-code the user ID, etc)
  • Layer 4 = Add the page to customize the popup content (vs manually edited in the database)
  • Layer 5 = Add authentication, security, etc.

I mainly used ideas from TailwindUI and previous apps to speed up the process. This is one of the top benefit of making lots of apps, you can reuse a lot of code and ideas so every future project is faster.

TailwindUI is a good starting point so it still does look decent:

Building the app's skeleton

To do:

  • Project details page with customization options
  • Auth system/middleware
  • Secure the API endpoints

Total: 7h of work so far


Starting again.


Got something that kinda looks like a dashboard! It's linked to the back-end,just need to make a few tweaks and the product part will be done. Building the app's dasboard

Total: 8h20 of work so far



Back to it


Added a live preview + a colour editor so people can create ugly popups if they want to. I'm pretty much done now, need to add auth and payments then make the landing page.

SalesPopup theme



I wasted the whole day yesterday and this morning fixing stupid bugs for my blog and other apps, but finally back at it

I didn't log every hour but I published the app, probably took me 2 hours to fix all the bugs and make adjustments.

App is live and working well. Now need to make the landing page + emails + payments


Payments and checkout done! Only need to do the landing page and few minor tweaks. Total time: At least 12h (hard to count when I was fixing bugs for multiple apps at the same time)



Made the landing page yesterday, I only need the "verified" page and I think I'll be done. I need to prepare the launch assets too to schedule the launch on PH, otherwise it might not be features if I do it at the last minute.


Page is ready! Verified Page


Launch is scheduled on ProductHunt, and since I had extra time I added a LemonSqeezie integration and tweaked the landing page even more. Really happy with how it turns out. I recorded myself doing the landing page from 0, if I end up Product of the Day, I will publish it on Youtube!



Launch is live on PH, tough competition today, I'm not sure I will be able to keep the #1 spot

Taking my plane to Korea in 1h


Crazy weekend! I ended up getting #1 of the day thanks to the massive support.

I published the video on Youtube:

YouTube video player