October 12, 2022

Doing customer service sucks, so I made an AI that can do it.

Doing customer service sucks, so I made an AI that can do it.

Cut the crap and let me try the A.I


One of the thing that I hated doing when I had my eCommerce brand was customer service. Most of the time it's just answering the same questions 16 times in a row šŸ’€

To avoid wasting time doing that, I trained an AI to do it for me.

I used a store that sell Ocean-themed apparel & accessories as a basis.

First, I gathered all the available info about the products and put them in a database. Then, I did the same for questions people ask the most and anything that could be relevant for the A.I šŸ¤–

Since I have a huge database of customer service tickets from the store, I knew what kind of questions people were asking, and the tone of voice to use to answer them.

I configured GTP-3 to write a "human-like" answer using the most relevant pieces of information from the database and I plugged it into a chatbot I made using Node.js šŸ¤“

I spent a whole week pulling my hairs out running tests, and tweaking the datas to get more relevant answers until I got acceptable results.

šŸ‘‰ You can check the demo by clicking the button bellow, it should open the chatbot.

Try the A.I chatbot

Pretty cool right?

Cool thing is that it can be applied to many areas, from technical documentation to product infos, and with additional tweaking, I can even make it understand (and talk) multiple languages.

I guess the next step is finding people who could be interested and add extra features to make it even better. I'm not sure yet what to add. If you have suggestions, let me know šŸ§

-- Nick

P.S. If you're interested, I can make a customer service bot for you and save you time answering repetitive questions. Just hit me up at [email protected] or on Twitter and let me know how I can help!

P.P.S. It can also work for other non-eCommerce websites!