October 16, 2022

Creating a mini comic using A.I from scratch

Creating a mini comic using A.I from scratch


This is a fun side project I decided to try. I don't know how frequently I'm going to do it since my main project is a customer service A.I, but I wanted to try that for a good reason.

A few years ago, I was giving marketing classes online. One of my student was an author for a children's book. Recently, I talked to her again, and asked her some news about her project.

Unfortunately, she told me it was dead. The editor to whom she gave the right (to afford illustrations) is not promoting it, so she basically worked one year for almost nothing.

Then I remembered that a guy made a book for kids using A.I. so I thought i could maybe help her. So far, I've never used generative A.I to make art yet, so it's brand new to me, so I'm going to have to learn. Since I feel like projects are the best way to learn, I decided to give myself a goal of creating a small comic book from scratch using A.I.

I'll write down my journey bellow.


Just getting started. I talked with my student to understand her situation better. Then, I started to made research on how to use A.I models like Midjourney or Stability.

Most of the day was spent watching tutorials on Youtube, reading threads on Reddit and experimenting with the tools. The challenge #1 so far is getting consistent art style as well as keeping the characters from one illustration to another.

But let's start by actualling making stuffs:

Took me a few trial & error on Midjourney, but pretty cool right?

I generated a few more pics and then find a way to get a "comic" render.

Used Canva, while it's good to make simple designs, it's definitely not made for that. Anyway, render looks decent:

Problem: It's hard to get consistent style/characters, so the next arts I generated are a breaking the immersion in my opinion. I'm going to dive a bit more into it.

Went to make a few tests to improve my prompt-engineering game:

(it's late and I went to sleep, will come back to that later)